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Health Goals For Weight Loss

The obese people find it really difficult to manage with the daily chores and even if they get it done themselves, it makes them quite tired quickly. A recent study has it that the obese people are likely to die early as compared to the lean ones. It is also said that the former group of people are vulnerable to diseases than the latter set. Before it gets too late, it is better to get back into shape by following a weight loss plan after which one will feel and healthier than before. Here are a few tips that can be included for your health goals for weight loss.

  • It is first important to determine yourself to follow the suggestions in the plan regularly without a break.
  • A weight loss plan consists of both regular exercise and a proper healthy diet. When both are followed proportionately there is no doubt you can lose weight in a healthy manner.
  • It is a must that you perform atleast an hour of physical activity everyday. This makes you more active than ever and helps you burn the extra fat that is accumulated as a result of excessive cholesterol in the body.
  • It is not necessary that you work out in the gym. You can do that when you have time else perform some aerobic simple exercises at home.
  • Walking and jogging can also work out well for bringing about weight loss. The right time for jogging or walking is either in the morning or the evening.
  • When you perform daily exercises, you not only reduce the weight, but also the risk of premature death caused due to heart related problems, risk of diabetes, depression, blood pressure and content of cholesterol in the body. On the whole you can feel yourself healthy and active all the time.
  • The diet is what you need to concentrate next. There are various diets like the high protein diet that can help in the weight loss.
  • Make sure you eliminate the habit of eating junk food as they are the root cause of weight gain and the impairment of the health.
  • Stick to fresh fruits and vegetables so that there is less probability of causing harm to the health. Reduce the calorie intake; make the meals smaller and increase the number of meals you intake. If you wish to follow a protein diet plan to lose weight, you can consult the dietician and then move ahead.
  • Drink lots of water to ensure the metabolism process takes place effectively. Atleast six to eight glasses of water is necessary for the body per day.

Weight Loss Motivation Tips

It can be hard to stay motivated when trying to lose weight. Here are my fast weight loss motivation tips are aimed at keeping you focused and motivated, so I have the following 3 helpful strategies to help you lose that weight faster and make it a more enjoyable experience than it would otherwise be!

3 Weight Loss Motivation Tips

Make smaller goals of your main goal and track your progress. Your long-term goal is so far away and taking so long to achieve results will be de-motivating for you! Break up goals into weeks and even days! This week I will exercise for half an hour 4 times instead of 3. Today I’ll eat healthy than I did yesterday! By breaking it up, it makes the longer-term goal seem more achievable!

The best way you can stay motivated to get results is to find someone in a similar position to you, and in a friendly way compete with each other. This can be the overall weight loss, but also competition for exercise drills and other weight loss activities. I stress the competition should be FRIENDLY as you should be supporting each other on the journey. Who said it only had to be one person? Make a team of weight loss buddies and either compete against each other individually or form smaller teams!

If you have no one to be competitive with, make the goal that you have inevitable. Basically you tell someone you trust that if you don’t achieve a certain goal, then you have to do something for that person that you would really hate doing! It doesn’t have to be over all weight loss. It could be a goal such as not eating junk food for a whole week. If you fail this, you are held accountable to your trusted person and have to carry out your hated task for them. This task could be wash their dog, pay them a certain amount of money you’d find it hard to part with or clean their toilet. You must hate it and definitely not want to do it! The inevitable task must be something you hate, or it defeats the purpose of motivating you to achieve the stated goal.

What is important is that you don’t lose the motivation to keep going.  Achieving the small goals will make it seem like time is passing by much quicker. By making it more fun and by making goals more achievable in the short-term, long-term success is more likely to follow.

What Diet is Best for Me?

What diet is best for me?  I am not sure if I have ever met anyone that has been on a “diet” that has managed to lose a significant amount of weight and actually KEEP it off.

People are forever on diets and wanting to lose weight. There is a huge industry making a lot of money from people that are desperate to slim down. It is important to know that most of the companies selling diet pills, products and services are trying to make money out of this need. Their intention is not about the greater good of people. Their intention is not about helping people become fit and healthy or achieving lasting results.   Some extreme weight loss programs do work, if the plan is customized to you.


Understanding what diet is best for me?

The majority of people know that diets do not work so why continue to repeat the same process over and over again??

  • We want a quick fix to problems and are not prepared to put the work in to make a difference longer-term.


  • We don’t take the time to learn and understand what our body needs to remain fit and healthy.


  • We feel like we are depriving ourselves from treats and goodies rather than treating our body with respect.


  • We think it’s easier to go on a diet rather than getting off our backside, exercising and keeping physically fit.


  • We don’t understand that most of the time, over-eating and weight issues are actually a sign that we have emotional issues that have not been resolved.


  • Weighing ourselves down with heavy foods means that we are heavy psychologically. It can suppress emotions and feelings. If we are scared to listen to ourselves and make changes then we often over eat. Food is used in the same way as alcoholics use alcohol and drug addicts use drugs.


  • We are weak willed and when we fall of the wagon, we see this as a sign that it is not working and “give up”. Rather than accepting that everyone has bad days or slips, accepting this and starting a fresh.


  • We do not understand the power of the mind and how attraction works! If we focus on weight loss, weight management etc we will get more of this. If we really want to lose weight we have to focus on health, healthy living, nutrition and fitness. This is a significant shift and the only one that will lead to lasting results.

The good news is that all of the reasons listed about are actually quite easy to change. It is a matter of mindset and awareness. Finding healthy diets will make help make a healthy lifestyle change.

People use all sorts of excuses about why they cannot do something but this can be easily resolved if they are willing to make changes and challenge their limiting beliefs. The key is that people have to be willing and ready. If you are working with some who is not willing and ready then you are wasting your time.

The other opportunity is to work on people’s awareness. If the timing is right you have the perfect opportunity to educate them. Lack of knowledge and understand about what we need to be physically fit and healthy is a major reason for our bad habits.