Negative Calorie Diets

How a Negative Calorie Diets Works?

negative calorie diet

One of the most common complaints from people on diets is that they feel that they are starving themselves. This is easy enough to understand, as most people who go on diets do so because they are obese or overweight, and the most common reasons for this are eating large amounts of food and not getting enough regular exercise. Negative calorie diets are a special type of custom weight loss plan that make use of a calorie counter chart and gets the dieter to eat foods with negative calories in order for them to lose weight by eating more.

Lose weight by eating more?

The theory behind the diet works like this. Depending on your current weight and metabolism you can develop a negative calorie diet plan which will allow you to eat more of the particular foods with negative calories for you. For instance, with celery negative calories would occur if the celery was worth 50 calories on your calorie counter chart but your body expended more than 50 calories eating it. Calorie counter charts will differ according to what stage of weight loss you are at, but the idea behind the negative calorie diet is simple. If you expend 2 calories consuming 1 calorie the net result is that you lose 1 calorie. As well as calorie counter charts you can also get a negative calorie diet book to show you tasty ways of preparing the foods which will result in a net calorie loss for you.

So how does a negative calorie diet work?

The great thing about this sort of diet is that you are not railroaded into choosing a certain food, but rather presents you with a calorie counter chart to show you which foods are going to result in calorie loss for you. If you follow the calorie counter charts you can actually eat as much food as you want and you will still end up losing weight. The list of negative calorie foods will allow you plenty of variety in what you can eat, but at the same time will have you eating only healthy foods that will be beneficial to your weight.

The most common types of goods with a calorie count in the negatives are fruits and vegetables.

  • Apples
  • Beets
  • Broccoli
  • Cucumber
  • Garlic
  • Cabbage
  • Watermelon

These can all be negative calorie food, but you will need to keep an eye on your calorie counter charts, because as your weigh comes down your metabolism will change and the positive effect of eating each food will change. This is why people who go on negative calorie diets often simply change to a healthy eating pattern and do not change it despite weight loss. If you are eating correctly your body will naturally gravitate towards it’s ideal healthy weight and stay there. This is really the secret behind people who say things like “I can eat as much as I want and I never put on any weight”. They are eating the right foods, and the negative calorie effect ensures that they remain at the correct weight for their body type.