Different Ways For Boosting Metabolism

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Boosting Metabolism Tips

Here are a few boosting metabolism tips for people who want weight loss by metabolic speed.  Have you seen ads for products that increase our metabolism and promise weight loss over night? You can speed your metabolic rate and lose weight – but I must tell you, this will not happen the next day.

Unlike most tips regarding this issue, I will not talk about pills, diets or exercises.  So what else can speed up a slow metabolism?

Did you know that what you’re doing in the bed while you sleep can impact the way your body is metabolizing? Scientific studies have shown that lack of sleep affects the way we metabolize carbohydrates.  The consequence is glucose intolerance which seems to lead to increased hunger and decreased metabolism. Sleep loss might also tempt us to omit our daily workout because of tiredness.

Calcium is a basic component of our body. Studies have shown that this stuff can help adjust the way our bodies are metabolizing fat.  The more calcium our body cells contains, the higher increase in fat metabolism.

I have said it many times before but for some reason many have not really got it yet.  The safest way to a healthy and sustainable fat loss is attained by

The purpose of life is joy.  Enjoy it with increased energy and great health.

Food and Metabolism

Which food should you eat and which drinks should you drink to increase your metabolism and thus increase your weight loss?  Is there a connection between food and metabolism? Actually there are many types of food and drinks that increase your metabolic activity. We will describe a few foods that surely could be incorporated in a fat burning diet. Why not start with them?

Green Tea has proven to increase metabolism.  This has been showed in quite a few studies now, and most conclusions are that this drink seems to raise metabolic rates with fat loss as a result.  It also contains significant antioxidant components, which protects you from heart disease, stroke and even cancer. Add this to is a metabolism boost, and you’ll get real value for your money.

We all know that lean muscle mass increases metabolism. The more muscles the higher metabolic rate. Protein builds your muscles. If you add about  5 grams of protein per pound of  your body weight, you’ll cover your daily  need for protein.

There is a drink that your should consume less of if you want increased metabolism. Research has showed that alcohol may suppress your body’s ability to metabolize fat.  When drinking alcohol, your body metabolises fat more slowly than without  when having a meal. So slow down your alcohol intake.

These were only a few tips of what to eat and drink to increase you metabolism.  Start here and follow more tips later.

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