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Advantages of A BMI Calculator For Women

Most women are very concerned about their body image. Some even are concerned to the point that they take extreme measures to remove all traces of body fat as much as they can. Nonetheless, this is not always the case, because there are also a lot of instances where women barely watch their diet and let themselves go. The problem with either of these scenarios is that it may lead to being unhealthy. Therefore the safest way to go is still to check one’s height and weight ratio through a BMI calculator which is a common body fat calculator.  You may have heard of a ideal weight calculator, which is very similar.   We’ll focus on the BMI calculator for women.

Although the BMI calculator which is also known as a BMI converter is great tool to gauge body fat, normal values vary for men and women. This is because man and woman have different a built. In fact, women store more body fat in preparation for protecting and sustaining a baby in her body. Additionally, hormones that dominate

How to Burn Fat at Home
Read about different ways to burn fat at home!

in a woman’s body activate enzymes to store fat rather than burn or use them. On the other hand, men have more muscle mass and increased metabolism.  As a result, their BMI may be slightly higher than women and this is higher because of muscle mass and not necessarily due to fat.  So using a BMI calculator for women makes more sense.

Why Using A BMI Calculator For Women Works!

Although excess fat in the body can be detrimental and can cause of a number of diseases, there are a lot of reasons for its importance in the female body. Aside from sustaining a fetus, women with less than 20 percent of body fat may have disruption in their menstrual cycle and in turn have trouble conceiving. Clearly, the right amount of body fat in women point towards reproduction. However, it can be for health reasons too. In fact, the right amount of body fat protects women against osteoporosis during the period of menopause. In general though, body fat keeps us warm and it serves as a storage facility for energy.

Therefore, women should calculate BMI on a BMI calculator for women. Aside from BMI converter for women there is also a BMI chart or height weight chart where women can plot their height and weight to find out their BMI results.

For women whose results may be disappointing, they should not feel depressed about it. The great thing about knowing your BMI is that you can take steps in taking control of your body. For those who have BMI that seems off, it means that there might be something wrong with the current lifestyle or diet that they are on. So, the best step to take is to make small alterations. What is more, consulting a onlinespecialist after finding out that their disturbing BMI will prove to be lifesaving.

What Diet is Best for Me?

What diet is best for me?  I am not sure if I have ever met anyone that has been on a “diet” that has managed to lose a significant amount of weight and actually KEEP it off.

People are forever on diets and wanting to lose weight. There is a huge industry making a lot of money from people that are desperate to slim down. It is important to know that most of the companies selling diet pills, products and services are trying to make money out of this need. Their intention is not about the greater good of people. Their intention is not about helping people become fit and healthy or achieving lasting results.   Some extreme weight loss programs do work, if the plan is customized to you.


Understanding what diet is best for me?

The majority of people know that diets do not work so why continue to repeat the same process over and over again??

  • We want a quick fix to problems and are not prepared to put the work in to make a difference longer-term.


  • We don’t take the time to learn and understand what our body needs to remain fit and healthy.


  • We feel like we are depriving ourselves from treats and goodies rather than treating our body with respect.


  • We think it’s easier to go on a diet rather than getting off our backside, exercising and keeping physically fit.


  • We don’t understand that most of the time, over-eating and weight issues are actually a sign that we have emotional issues that have not been resolved.


  • Weighing ourselves down with heavy foods means that we are heavy psychologically. It can suppress emotions and feelings. If we are scared to listen to ourselves and make changes then we often over eat. Food is used in the same way as alcoholics use alcohol and drug addicts use drugs.


  • We are weak willed and when we fall of the wagon, we see this as a sign that it is not working and “give up”. Rather than accepting that everyone has bad days or slips, accepting this and starting a fresh.


  • We do not understand the power of the mind and how attraction works! If we focus on weight loss, weight management etc we will get more of this. If we really want to lose weight we have to focus on health, healthy living, nutrition and fitness. This is a significant shift and the only one that will lead to lasting results.

The good news is that all of the reasons listed about are actually quite easy to change. It is a matter of mindset and awareness. Finding healthy diets will make help make a healthy lifestyle change.

People use all sorts of excuses about why they cannot do something but this can be easily resolved if they are willing to make changes and challenge their limiting beliefs. The key is that people have to be willing and ready. If you are working with some who is not willing and ready then you are wasting your time.

The other opportunity is to work on people’s awareness. If the timing is right you have the perfect opportunity to educate them. Lack of knowledge and understand about what we need to be physically fit and healthy is a major reason for our bad habits.

How to Burn Fat at Home?

People concerned about losing weight and burning fat tend to be overloaded with weight loss and custom meal planner information.  The result is almost paralyzing; instead of doing something with their excess weight, they have their brains full of different and often contradictory tips and do not know where to begin.  “Not another weight loss or fat burning tip ” many will say.  However, I will give you not one but four more fat burning tips or ways to increase metabolism.  The clue is to try them out for at least a month.  If you do you will see results.  Here are some easy ways on how to burn fat at home!

Do your workout in increments

So how to burn fat at home when you’re stressed and pressed for time?  You may feel that working out and exercise just add to their stress factors, although they know it is good for the body as well as for the mind. This way, they go through their day with a burden of bad consciousness. Well if you are among them, I have some good news for you: Studies have shown that two short periods of workout per day will actually stimulate the metabolism and burn fat more than in one longer period. So if you go for a 15 minute walk first in the morning before work and then another one at lunch or evening times five days per week you’ll see progress at the end of 30 days. I promise that you will burn fat.

Never Skip Your breakfast

Many dieting experts state that the breakfast is the most important meal. Therefore it is amazing that so many people think they’re doing the right thing by skipping breakfast. Do not sleep through the night and then deprive your body of food in the morning. This will only cause your body’s senses to have a potential famine and then the body holds on to stored body fat to survive. If you eat, your body will produce heat.  And heat will increase your metabolism.

“Never skipping meals is the most effective options when you’re trying to answer the question on how to burn fat at home!”

Calorie Cycling

Many people have used this tip with incredible success. Find out what your minimum calorie requirement is, based on your height and weight. Now, consume this amount for three days.  On the fourth day increase your calorie intake by an additional 400 calories from nutritious foods like good protein, carbohydrates and fats. Let’s say you’re losing fat by consuming 1400 calories per day, simply raise your calories to 1800 on the fourth day. The nice about this method is that it can actually get the metabolism racing and thus stimulate additional fat loss.

Perform morning exercises

If you are a real food lover with a great appetite or can’t fit workouts into your schedule, do your exercise in the morning. Research has proven that people who exercise consistently in the morning will have their appetite regulated the rest of the day. The hunger feeling will decrease and the metabolism will speed up. This is a great way to start the day.

Rapid Weight Loss Plan – Slim Fast Diet

Slim Fast diet quickly – Fast weight loss programs are a hot topic in today’s body conscious society–everybody wants to get thin and do it quickly! If you’re one of the millions of Americans who fantasize about rapid weight loss plan,  but can’t afford or don’t want to undergo cosmetic surgery, there are other options. You should be able to find a host of rapid weight reduction plans and products on the market.

Rapid Weight Loss PlanFor most people, however, finding the diet plans and products isn’t the problem–what stumps them is how to go about choosing from the myriad of rapid weight reduction options available. There are all kinds of diets claiming to be the number one choice and it’s nearly impossible to tell what’s for real and what’s a scam. But to help you on your way, keep the following rule in mind: if it promises to be a modern marvel, it’s a waste of money–rapid weight reduction takes hard work.

When you go to choose a weight reduction plan, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first thing you need to do is determine your weight reduction goals: some people want to get in better shape while others simply want to drop a couple of dress sizes. What it is you want to achieve will be the driving force behind your weight reduction plan and will help you diet accordingly.

The second thing to consider is your health. Some rapid weight loss plan advocate the use of harmful strategies like starvation techniques; not only can these plans make you feel bad in the short run, but they can also do long-term damage to your system. A general rule of thumb is as follows: if it makes you feel bad (low energy, headachy, restless, etc.,) it’s probably not good for you.

A Guide to Rapid Weight Loss Plan Supplements

A Guide to Rapid Weight Loss Plan SupplementsFor some people, losing weight is an uphill battle and they can get easily discouraged when it’s so difficult. These kinds of individuals are prime candidates for dietary supplements. These supplements should not replace your rapid weight loss plan  (i.e., eating healthfully, exercising more) but can be used to make the process easier.

For example, some people find it extremely difficult to eat healthfully, especially when they’re always on the go; a per-packaged diet snack is the perfect product for that type of person. Other people have a hard time curbing their appetites, so an appetite suppressant would be the best kind of weight reduction product for them. The best way to choose a supplement is to determine what part of the weight reduction plan you’re having trouble with; once you’ve identified the problem, you can choose a solution.

Big Dieting No-Nos While on a Rapid Weight Reduction Plan

Rapid Weight Reduction Plan NoWhen it comes to rapid weight reduction, there are a few things of which you must be wary. The first is any diet that advocates starvation as a means of losing weight; starving yourself, even for a short amount of time, can cause serious damage to your body. Secondly, don’t trust a diet that seems unbalanced; your body needs basic nutrients and the only way to ensure it gets the nutrients it needs is through a balanced diet.

Another thing to carefully consider is the use of weight reduction drugs. weight reduction pills can certainly make the weight reduction process a great deal easier, but you don’t want to ingest anything that might be harmful to your body. Before you start the pill popping, do some research to make sure the drugs you’re using are safe.

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Benefits Of Dieting Every Other Day

And on the days you’re not dieting, you eat the same food and in the same amount as you did before you started the diet. With this one day diet you’re losing weight fast and easy, actually as much as 20 plus pounds a month.

Here is what you do:

On diet days

·       You eat nutritional supplements which contain the vitamins, minerals and salt you need for a day.  These supplements are available in pill, powder, liquid or bar form.

·       In addition, you can eat as much as you want of all kinds of raw fruit.

·       Drink water

Drinking Water

On food days

·       You must eat what you ate before you started dieting in the same amount.  This mean you can and shall eat nothing but your favourite foods and drinks. It is important that you take in as many calories as your body was used to getting before you started.

Motivation is easy

It is much easier to stay motivated when you can take a break from your weight loss program every other day. As the weeks pass you will see that you lose more and more excess pounds, and this will get you even more motivated to stay on this program until you have reached your goal.

If you combine it with some light exercising or just taking a 30 minute brisk walk on your diet days, you  will burn even more fat that day.

Sustain your new weight

You might say that this seems too good to be true, but it is true.  However, be aware that after you have reached you weight loss goal, you must eat less food than you did before so that you not regain the weight lost.  The reason for this, is that your body doesn’t need as much energy (in calories) to move that extra weight around. If you start to gain weight again, you can simply start dieting again

Don’t lose too much

It is recommended that you not lose too much weight too fast. If you lose more than 7- 9  pounds a week, just put in  2 or 3 food days in between the diet days, instead of just one. Try out this diet; it might be the way of losing weight you have searched for but not found until now.

Different Ways For Boosting Metabolism

Boosting Metabolism Tips

Here are a few boosting metabolism tips for people who want weight loss by metabolic speed.  Have you seen ads for products that increase our metabolism and promise weight loss over night? You can speed your metabolic rate and lose weight – but I must tell you, this will not happen the next day.

Unlike most tips regarding this issue, I will not talk about pills, diets or exercises.  So what else can speed up a slow metabolism?

Did you know that what you’re doing in the bed while you sleep can impact the way your body is metabolizing? Scientific studies have shown that lack of sleep affects the way we metabolize carbohydrates.  The consequence is glucose intolerance which seems to lead to increased hunger and decreased metabolism. Sleep loss might also tempt us to omit our daily workout because of tiredness.

Calcium is a basic component of our body. Studies have shown that this stuff can help adjust the way our bodies are metabolizing fat.  The more calcium our body cells contains, the higher increase in fat metabolism.

I have said it many times before but for some reason many have not really got it yet.  The safest way to a healthy and sustainable fat loss is attained by

The purpose of life is joy.  Enjoy it with increased energy and great health.

Food and Metabolism

Which food should you eat and which drinks should you drink to increase your metabolism and thus increase your weight loss?  Is there a connection between food and metabolism? Actually there are many types of food and drinks that increase your metabolic activity. We will describe a few foods that surely could be incorporated in a fat burning diet. Why not start with them?

Green Tea has proven to increase metabolism.  This has been showed in quite a few studies now, and most conclusions are that this drink seems to raise metabolic rates with fat loss as a result.  It also contains significant antioxidant components, which protects you from heart disease, stroke and even cancer. Add this to is a metabolism boost, and you’ll get real value for your money.

We all know that lean muscle mass increases metabolism. The more muscles the higher metabolic rate. Protein builds your muscles. If you add about  5 grams of protein per pound of  your body weight, you’ll cover your daily  need for protein.

There is a drink that your should consume less of if you want increased metabolism. Research has showed that alcohol may suppress your body’s ability to metabolize fat.  When drinking alcohol, your body metabolises fat more slowly than without  when having a meal. So slow down your alcohol intake.

These were only a few tips of what to eat and drink to increase you metabolism.  Start here and follow more tips later.