Advantages of A BMI Calculator For Women

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BMI Calculator for Women

Most women are very concerned about their body image. Some even are concerned to the point that they take extreme measures to remove all traces of body fat as much as they can. Nonetheless, this is not always the case, because there are also a lot of instances where women barely watch their diet and let themselves go. The problem with either of these scenarios is that it may lead to being unhealthy. Therefore the safest way to go is still to check one’s height and weight ratio through a BMI calculator which is a common body fat calculator.  You may have heard of a ideal weight calculator, which is very similar.   We’ll focus on the BMI calculator for women.

Although the BMI calculator which is also known as a BMI converter is great tool to gauge body fat, normal values vary for men and women. This is because man and woman have different a built. In fact, women store more body fat in preparation for protecting and sustaining a baby in her body. Additionally, hormones that dominate

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in a woman’s body activate enzymes to store fat rather than burn or use them. On the other hand, men have more muscle mass and increased metabolism.  As a result, their BMI may be slightly higher than women and this is higher because of muscle mass and not necessarily due to fat.  So using a BMI calculator for women makes more sense.

Why Using A BMI Calculator For Women Works!

Although excess fat in the body can be detrimental and can cause of a number of diseases, there are a lot of reasons for its importance in the female body. Aside from sustaining a fetus, women with less than 20 percent of body fat may have disruption in their menstrual cycle and in turn have trouble conceiving. Clearly, the right amount of body fat in women point towards reproduction. However, it can be for health reasons too. In fact, the right amount of body fat protects women against osteoporosis during the period of menopause. In general though, body fat keeps us warm and it serves as a storage facility for energy.

Therefore, women should calculate BMI on a BMI calculator for women. Aside from BMI converter for women there is also a BMI chart or height weight chart where women can plot their height and weight to find out their BMI results.

For women whose results may be disappointing, they should not feel depressed about it. The great thing about knowing your BMI is that you can take steps in taking control of your body. For those who have BMI that seems off, it means that there might be something wrong with the current lifestyle or diet that they are on. So, the best step to take is to make small alterations. What is more, consulting a onlinespecialist after finding out that their disturbing BMI will prove to be lifesaving.

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